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Go-Kart Driver

Special Projects​


Each year at KGV we offer a few one-off special projects that are fun and appropriate for specific
year groups. 


One of the activities that are suitable for Year 12 students is the Annual 24 Hr Pedal Kart race, which typically takes place over a weekend in November at Victoria Park. Another popular program for Year 12s is HKAYP. Students will learn the art of being in and navigating one of Hong Kong's most beautiful country parks. Building endurance through hiking, cooking their own meals, and setting up for an overnight camp. 

Open to all KGV sailors from all year groups, you can take part in the Annual 24 Hr Hebe Haven Dinghy Race, you must be a competent swimmer and have earned a Level 2 sailing certificate to helm, while a level 1 certificate will allow you to be a crew member.

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