CAS Fees

KGV has an annual CAS fee for every student that helps to cover the costs of running the CAS program.


CAS provides a framework for experiential learning and is intended to provide experiences for students to develop self-confidence and empathy, a willingness to help others and build on student’s experiences that complement, in some way, what students are learning in school.


There are over 200 CAS activities at KGV that run throughout the year, from Monday to Friday, in the morning, lunchtime and after school as well as some community service events that may take place during a weekend.


In line with other ESF schools and in order for us to sustain our breadth of programs, a yearly fee of 500HKD* will be charged for students in Years 7-10 and 12. Students in Years 11 and 13 will pay a reduced fee of 350HKD*.


*A mandatory charge of 3% will be added to the final payment as a service charge for the use of a Credit Card, PPS, etc. 


Some activities such as Baking is provided by an external organization. This will incur an extra cost outside of the CAS fee. 
For fee-based activities enrolment is for the full year unless otherwise specified. Students have a grace period of two-weeks in Term 1 from August 23 to September 3rd, 2021 to withdraw from the program via LIONeL and thereafter a strict no refund policy applies. click here.