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Volunteers Packing Food

Community Service Program


KGV has a long history of engaging in Community Service. In recent years, we have reflected on how we do this and have come up with a new and refined vision.


Vision for Service

Creating sustainable partnerships that have reciprocal benefits within our community. Fostering the desire, confidence and ability to make a difference.


We want students to 

• Become effective project managers

• Use design thinking to solve problems

• Embrace responsibility and appreciate the consequence of actions

• Develop the ability to empathise with others

• Be able to communicate and connect with others

We know students will be successful when...

• They develop and agree on success criteria with community links

• They make informed future choices on principled action

• The inquiry cycle is used to reflect on the impact of their work

• We create sustainable links with community groups

• They can demonstrate an ability to persevere in ‘action’ 

At the forefront of this, we have a senior student Community Service committee. The group of young leaders research, plan and coordinate multiple service projects in the local community collaborating with various NGOs.


Projects have included:

  • English Teaching programs

  • Buddy reading programs

  • Refugee Art classes

  • Hospital Visits

  • Homeless and Subdivided flats support

  • Special Education support


To help facilitate student led initiatives and improve student contact with NGO’s, KGV is continuing its partnership with Social Career (, a new innovative volunteer platform that offers many volunteer opportunities to our students, giving them more opportunities to get involved in community engagement. For a quick overview, please see an introductory video below. 

The school is able to track each student's volunteer activities with the Social Career platform, as well as promote KGV Student Led initiatives. Every time students apply for a new volunteer opportunity on the platform, parents/guardians will also receive an email from Social Career, notifying of the volunteer job details.

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