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External Providers Activities

In addition to the activities that are offered, there are also additional unique activities from our external partners which require an additional fee*. These activities are, and not limited to baking, archery, fencing, golf, singing & vocal workshops, guitar, ukulele etc. Refer to the Activities List 2023-2024 or LIONeL for complete details.

How to secure a spot for a paid program on a "First Come First SERVE/PAID” basis:

1. Sign up on LIONeL (You will be put on the waiting list)

2. Get parents to approve via LIONeL

3. The payment instructions and or waiver form will only be sent to those who have parents approval following a time stamp basis. Payment must then be made within a set time frame

4. Provide the proof of payment to the Service Provider within the set time frame

5. You will receive a notification if you are successful


Some activities are provided by an external organisation. For these fee-based activities enrolment is for the full year unless otherwise specified. Students have a grace period of two-weeks during the sign-up period to withdraw from an activity via LIONeL and thereafter a strict no refund policy applies. 1. Payment shall be made directly to the service provider, instructions will be sent to those who have been allocated a spot and places will only be confirmed when full payment is made. 2. Once the place has been confirmed, no refund or changes in program will be possible. No make-up lessons will be arranged under any circumstance including sickness, typhoon no. 3 or higher, Red/ Black Rainstorm, EDB school closure or other personal commitment. 3. Absences or missed classes on the part of the students is their own responsibility. Should the instructor be absent for a class, it may be rescheduled as a make-up class. Prorated rate is only for those that signed up late to the program. No drop ins will be allowed.


In the interest of your children’s safety, and in accordance with the guidelines of the EDB and Hong Kong Observatory, lessons will be cancelled in the event of adverse weather conditions.

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