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What happens next?

It’s great to see the amount of interest in the CAS program. There have been approximately 3000 active sign ups in the last two weeks. Allocation is happening this week so please see some notes about what happens next:

  • For any activities that were oversubscribed, the system will randomly allocate students.

  • Students will receive an email informing you if you have been successfully placed in an activity.

  • Most activities are on hold until we resume school and are permitted to start the CAS program

  • Some ONLINE activities (as noted in the description) will begin the week of September 7th until further notice. Students should look out for emails and Google Meet codes from their Teacher supervisors.

  • There are a number of activities that still have space and you are welcome to browse Lionel and continue to sign up.

  • For activities that require an additional fee, you will be notified of what that fee is and when the activity will start once we resume normal school hours.

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